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My story


Greetings, I'm Veronika. Podarona's founder and creative director.

I'm a wife, mom, world traveller, and totally in love with dancing and having a delicious cup of tea. 

One of the reasons WHY I created the gifting company “Podarona” is because my birthday is in August…

As August comes around each year, I’d start to get super excited about celebrating my birthday. Every year I’d wonder if this would be the year we have the party I’ve always dreamed of - gorgeous setting, amazing people and a mountain of beautiful and thoughtful gifts just for me. 


But since my friends weren’t usually around in August, this kind of celebration didn’t happen and I’d end up with cards and cash on my birthday instead (don’t get me wrong, I loved those too!).  Little did those who gave me these tokens know that I’m more of a “here’s a present you will remember” kinda gal.  What I wanted most were thoughtful gifts that made me feel considered and cared for on my special day.

Podarona is my way of helping gift-givers show they care enough to send a beautiful gift box to someone celebrating a milestone or an accomplishment. Our gifting studio is also for the other Veronikas, who like me, see gifts as a token of the love and value others have for you.


In this busy time, we make it easy to show up for those who mean something to you, by sending them an “easy-to-choose gift”.  That feeling they get when they receive a surprise or a gesture of care is a feeling they will cherish for a long time to come. 

My mission is to create beautiful, useful, and meaningful gifts that connect people, create happy moments, and demonstrate appreciation and care. I'm delighted to offer elegant gift boxes right here in Hong Kong, filled with my favourite treats and the best finds from local makers and brands.


It is my conviction that a Podarona gift box isn’t just a present, it is a gift you’ll be happy to give. 



Yours giftfully, Veronika

P.S. At this time Podarona only lists gift boxes for WOMEN on our online shop, however custom gift orders for men, new-borns and corporate clients are available on request. To do so, please send me a message at

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