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Local HK makers


We’ve spent long time sourcing products from local Hong Kong brands which we are proud to include in our gift boxes. Those best finds not only are beautiful and useful but are also high quality and are mostly hand made.

 All our wellness products (like soap, bath salt, body oil) are natural and synthetic fragrance-free, and all the candles are hand-poured and perfumed only with 100% pure essential oils. Even our cups are custom hand made to have the greatest quality and look.

NO "Made in China" cheap mass-production clutter! Only unique pieces handcrafted with love and care by passionate artisants.

ABTea Co. A tea brand that believes in the testament of appreciating a slow-living lifestyle, reminding one to slow down in their busy schedule through enjoying a cup of freshly brewed tea. They promote the joy of tea drinking and the passion of the Tea Community.

BUBBLES&SPELLS creates small-batches of handcrafted bath bombs, bubble bars, cold process soaps, body scrubs, shampoo and conditioner bars, body oils. All the creations are handmade using the finest ingredients, with natural oils and butters, and looking after every detail.

Soap Yummy is a handmade soap and skincare brand that prides in integrating natural food ingredients into their products. All of their products are "Yummy to the Skin & Gentle to the Earth", perfect for self-use and as a gift for friends and family.

Edith MAK Art - fluid artist and resin crafter, taking inspiration from nature to create her pieces. Edith's work evokes the senses of nature’s elements by manipulating the natural flow of paint, color, and textures.

Essencial Candles. Passionately created with a healthy lifestyle in mind for the body and soul.  All-natural candles made from beeswax blended with pure essential oils.

A Kissing Tree sources the worlds best delicious berries from the hills of southern Serbia. These certified EU organic berries are cultivated by family-owned farms using traditional growing techniques and sent directly to Hong Kong for you to enjoy.

Ginnie Bottle is the creative expression of love for families, friends, and communities. They give Hong Kong personal care that is body and mind nourishing. Every one of their creations captures the spirit of bringing high-quality natural ingredients from Mother Nature that look after communities in Hong Kong and around the world.

GnL Accessories is an ethical brand for stylish sustainable fashion bags and accessories made from cruelty-free, eco-friendly and vegan fashion materials.

Blue Brew Tea is an HK based tea company specialising in blue tea blends. The tea's blue hue is 100% natural, and it comes from the butterfly pea flower. Each blend has been carefully curated and balanced to ensure you enjoy the taste and flavours of the unique, spellbinding, herbal infusions.

The BLOMSTRE. From a duo with two hearts + one devotion, elevating your senses through hand-crafted, eco-conscious artisanal products, expressing rich storytelling through scents such as soy candles. Elevate your mood and serenade your senses with a unique blend of reflections, dreams, and light.

Liz Fry design is a sustainable brand, combining beautiful designs and art with lifestyle products. The mission is to bring colour and art to people’s lives in a less disposable way.

Lantau Ren is a brand originates from the beautiful South Lantau and designed by a resident there.  The products have been inspired by the island lifestyle and are always produced in small quantities to ensure quality and uniqueness.

Peerie Tea is an ethical, farm to cup company. They offer the finest artisanal teas from small locally-run estates from across China, India and Taiwan. They promote honest, chemical-free teas and infusions to make everyone reconnect to authentic ingredients and treasure the best nutrients that nature has to give.

Smoothie Handmade offers handmade soaps and natural skincare products which encourage people using fewer chemical products to protect the environment.

Phoenix Sweets is an artisan confectionery store that creates made-to-order cakes and baked confectioneries for wedding, business event, celebration and all memorable occasions. This bespoke cake brand uses the finest natural ingredients and craftsmanship to bake their artisan sweets.

Khush Crystals is a small HK based company that formed as a way to share with the world crystal  products that Khushbu K personally loves! Each piece has been carefully selected to help  promote wellness and self care.

Paper-Roses, a boutique illustration and design house based in Hong Kong, has created a range of beautiful, colorful and sometimes quirky greetings cards, stationery and gifts. All printed and produced as eco-consciously as possible, Paper-Roses uses only FSC certified 100% post-consumer recycled paper and 100% organic cotton.

Zippysparkles. Herbal floral tisanes created for the busy urban woman. They are about living inspired, living beautifully with herbs & plants.

Tiny Happy Bundles create unique, personalised and handmade gifts for babies. They make one of a kind diaper cakes, gift sets packed in custom engraved bamboo steamers, bodysuits with fun and original Hong Kong inspired prints as well as handmade baby teething accessories made of natural beech wood and food-grade silicone.

Jam story. Award-winning handmade jam, freshly made in Hong Kong.

Shelly Cake Express started on Lamma island 16 years ago. They persist on hand making their products with the best ingredients with a cup of passion and a spoonful of love to whip up the most delicious desserts for you.

Cowbird Coffee is a small batch artisan roastery based in Hong Kong. They offer a roast-to-order service emphasizing freshness and quality of beans.

ZeroYet100 is founded on the principle that natural is better. Their products are formulated with ingredients derived from nature with potent innate properties. Thus no toxic yet 100 percent effective.

Caramel Talleres Creativos runs creative workshops for kids, focused on sewing crafts and different techniques, also makes handmade products in fabric, felt and felting.

Eko Savon offers soaps handmade using cold-process methods. Eschewing plastic packaging, artificial additives, animal fats and palm oil, their products aim to be good for both your skin and the environment.

If you are a local HK maker and would like to be featured  in a gift or collaborate, please contact Veronika

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