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Corporate and custom gifts

Enhance your business relationships,
one thoughtfully curated gift at a time.

Corporate gifts are a great way to show that your clients, employees, business partners and guests matter.

Corporate gifting makes sense

We’ve just witnessed the world go virtual.
What was already a crowded marketplace, is now a congested digital mall with even fewer touch points for businesses to make lasting impressions with their audience.
Employees have had to adjust to seeing their team members less often - making company culture harder to build but even more important to nurture.


It should come as no surprise then that people give 24% more value to experiences they can see and touch vs. what’s merely on screens. That’s why tailor-made gifts are increasingly important to international enterprises, creative startups and wedding agencies. Made-to-order gift boxes are a perfect way of ensuring that your next occasion is a booming success and that your partners, employees and clients know that you care.

“Corporate gifting is a proven method for engaging with prospects, clients, employees, and more.”


Close deals at higher rates by sending gift hampers that show you are ready for business.


Keep clients happy and show appreciation for their business with thoughtful assortments of items they’ll love.


Your team deserves to be celebrated. Use gift hampers to mark milestones and holidays and bring excitement to hardworking staff.

Event Attendees

Whether your next event is virtual, in-person or hybrid, a wedding or corporate - event gifts extend well beyond the event is over.

How Podarona does gifting.

Another reason you’ll love our service is that we take care of everything, from deliberation to delivery.
We take the hassle out of large corporate gifting, freeing up your time when we follow our 3 easy steps:

1. Detail

Connect with us and share your vision for your gift hampers. You start with a simple message to tell us what you have in mind, who they are for, and the occasion. We follow up until the project is a booming success.

2. Design

Using all the details you’ve provided, we prepare a design proposal, featuring locally curated products and opportunities for tastefully added branding to enhance the gifting experience.

3. Distribution

Once we’ve source the products, added your brand’s touch, hand wrapped each gift and written each note - we manage the delivery of your gifts to all the Hong Kong addresses provided.

Want to know more about our process?

Download our Gift Guide for corporate and custom gifting
for an in-depth look at our process and to see available gift options.

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Gifting with a difference.

We know how to use gifts to send the exact message and make you or your company stands out! Each gift hamper from Podarona follows these guidelines:


  1. It’s all about the recipient. Yes, the sender’s personality and brand must be evident, but we think about practical items your recipient will enjoy and keep around, extending the impact of your gift beyond the moment it is received.

  2. We #supportsmallbusiness and #shoplocal in #Homekong! Our partnerships with local makers and artisans mean your gifts are not only beautiful but they promote the local creative economy.

  3. Unlike others that provide promotional items, Podarona gifts are simply not boring, branded merchandise randomly put together but our gift hampers and care packages are more like an experience.

You’ll be in good company.

Grateful to have created gifts for:

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Ready to get started?

Let us know about your exciting project now by filling this contact form.

Say goodbye to boring corporate gifts that are only made of promotional merchandise!

Create a memorable gifting experience with Podarona!

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