About Podarona

Podarona is an online gifting company that offers curated gift boxes, simple yet stylish, filled with natural treats and the best finds from local Hong Kong brands.

We specialize in creating thoughtful gifts for every occasion including private or client gifts, bridesmaids gifts, corporate gifts and much more! Intended to make your Hong Kong-based recipients (loved ones, friends, family, colleague, teacher, hostess, client or anyone else) surprised and delighted.

Our goal is to make gifting easier and happier, saving your time and energy, bringing joy in your gifting experience. Plus we offer delivery anywhere in Hong Kong to your door or to the door of your recipient (free for orders more than 650HKD).


Podarona tries to go away from standard low-quality gift hampers which are wrapped in cellophane and full of irrelevant clutter. We choose only useful and natural goods (HK made, designed and inspired ) which come in reusable packaging or no packaging at all and combine them in a thoughtful way, one that is pleasant to give and to receive as a ready-made gift.

Our gift boxes look extra good and show extra care because we care about the recipients, gift-givers, makers and the environment.

What do we offer

Gifts with delivery

We send beautiful surprises to friends and mother's birthdays, and even hotel quarantine cheer-up gifts, anywhere in Hong Kong.
With a hand-written card, always)

Corporate and client gifts

Podarona not only offers gifts for personal milestones but also helps you create custom-made gifts for your clients and employees based in Hong Kong. Branded and totally unique.

Made in Hong Kong

We collaborate with local suppliers and artisans who are passionate about what they are doing. Including into the gift boxes the most natural and eco-friendly products, we can find!

My story
Veronika Kloub | founder, creative director, gift stylist, and more

Hi there, I'm Veronika.

I'm a wife, a mom, a world traveller, and totally in love with dancing and having a cup of tea! As much as I love adventure, when I first moved abroad (from Russia to Belgium), I admit I felt a bit homesick and lonely. I missed my amazing friends and deep relationships from home; something I felt especially around times of celebration, like on birthdays, New Years, Christmas, and even during housewarming celebrations. As a way to strengthen my new friendships, and to bring some of the feeling of joy and warmth I missed from home, I began creating gift baskets - full of handcrafted treats and made with care. I fell in love with giving these thoughtful gifts to my new friends! When I moved to Hong Kong, I brought with me a beautiful new daughter, but what stayed the same was my passion for creating gifts that help to strengthen relationships wherever I go - and for whoever I meet!


With time and travel I've come to understand that for me, gifting is my special way to create bonds with people. A relationship takes time, attention, and shared experiences - and sometimes a gift can be that shared experience- something simple that you can give and people remember later, and that helps them feel loved and valued. That's my mission: to create beautiful, useful and meaningful gifts that connect people, create happy moments, and feel like a gesture of appreciation and care.

I'm proud to offer elegant gift boxes right here in Hong Kong, filled with my favorite treats and best finds from local makers and businesses. They are for celebrations big and small, public and intimate - for friends and family - and also for corporate and client gifting. I love putting together these gifts, and I hope they help you create some absolutely beautiful memories!

Thanks for being here!

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