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About Podarona

Podarona is an online gifting studio that designs gift boxes with the best finds from local Hong Kong brands.


Our Gifts have added that special touch to housewarming, Mother’s day, birthdays, holidays and any occasion in between.

Let us take on the hard work of thinking about what you’ll give, where you must go to find it, how you’ll make it look good, and how you’ll ship it. When we do all that, the end results are beautiful, sophisticated and cost-effective gift boxes that are pleasant to give and to receive.

Our offer


Gift boxes with delivery

Up your gifting game and send your Mom a birthday surprise or a cheer-up gift to a friend in hotel quarantine. Padarona delivers anywhere in Hong Kong.  All our boxes are shipped straight to the HK address you provide, complete with a hand-written card.


Corporate and client gifts

Podarona doesn’t only make gifts for women on special occasions but we can create custom-made gift boxes for businesses, clients and employees based in Hong Kong. Add branded, customizable products to gift designs that are totally unique to your company.


Support local. Made in HK

We love to support the Hong Kong-based businesses and artisans that put passion and care in all they make. From boutique cookie makers to hand-made soaps, we have discovered a myriad of beautiful and hand-crafted products that we are proud to include in our Gift Boxes. Our makers are eco-conscious, use mostly natural ingredients and run small businesses that keep the local craft market alive.


Only natural products

We have a unique way of thinking about gifting here at Podarona.
We are deliberate in choosing mostly natural products - our hand-made jams and chocolates have no harmful chemicals or additives.
The candles, soaps, body products and bath bomb we carry have no synthetic fragrances, only essential oils. Our notebooks are made from eco-friendly materials and the towels we include are printed with eco-friendly inks.

What we don’t of

While we are happy to offer the above solutions for our customers, we are currently limited to them and do not offer the following:


  • International shipping. We only provide local HK delivery.

  • Personalization (i.e. we can’t add a single name on the cup or coaster). Should this be a custom order with a minimum of 20 gifts, we are able to add the brand name to products and/or box packaging, and even on baked goods.

  • Delivery time scheduling guarantees. While we are unable to guarantee the precise time of the delivery (since this is subject to shipping partner Hong Kong Post), experience has taught us that orders take 1-3 business days for delivery.

  • Subscription box service - as standard we do not offer subscriptions, boxes in our store are one-off gift box purchases. If you would like to send gifts over and over, you are welcome to re-order as often as you desire. 

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