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What do women want? - 3 simple things that any woman enjoy to receive as a gift.

Updated: Oct 11, 2019

1. Attention

It doesn't really matter what you get her. However, attention is the first thing that women of any age enjoy the most even if they don't always say it (or say: "I don't need anything" ). Simple attention, care and nurturing in any way is the secret weapon to have a good relationship with this woman. No need to always make her feel special, even small gestures of attention really go a long way.

2. Pleasure

Do you know anybody from your female friends or close ones who doesn't like sweets or chocolate? They are rare, no doubts! Do you know any woman that doesn't want to be pampered or will refuse to have a spa procedure, self-care day or any kind of cozy me-time? Because these are pleasureful and comforting things, and women are especially wired to need it, each in her own way.

3. Something pretty.

Women tend to pay a lot of attention not only to how they look, but also how the things/people around them look like. They notice every detail like no man can do. So to give a pretty thing as gift to her (in the beautiful way too) is almost a must, if you want to leave a good impression for sure.


Choosing a gift to any woman on your list can be challenging, but if you manage to combine one of those characteristics (definitely better all of them) in one gift or in a set of gifts, you will be the winner!

There are thousands of things you can present to a woman. In fact,(it's a secret, but..) 80% of shopping malls are filled with stuff made for them. However, if you need a gift idea for her or don't have time to search for something pleasureful, beautiful and full of attention, order one of the ready-made gift boxes Podarona that are thoughtfully curated to suit women's needs. They are filled with natural treats and are also pretty. Not too personal, but full of care. It will be delivered for free to any address In Hong Kong and will surely surprise and delight your female recipient on any occasion.

Take care!

Photo by Photo by Larm Rmah on Unsplash


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