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  • Veronika

Why flowers might NOT be the ideal gift?

Updated: Sep 20, 2019

Flowers are wonderful, they smell and look good, they are practical and easy to get even last minute as a gift.

But ...

They are unoriginal, pricey and quickly forgotten

  1. Flowers have become one of the most common gift idea ever. Neither the recipient nor the gift-giver would be proud of such unoriginal gift.

  2. They unfortunately don't leave a memorable experience of the gifting moment.

  3. Not all the women like flowers (it's just another stereotype).

  4. Very often flowers are pricey and can be a waste of money (spent instead on some useful present).

  5. They die and are forgotten quickly.

  6. Most of the blossoms are imported, kept in energy-wasting refrigerators and soaked in toxic chemicals to last, so it's not a very environmentally friendly choice either.

Personally, I still love to receive flowers from time to time.

But I also treasure thoughtful gifts that come from the heart and show care and affection. And even more, when they are hand made and more eco-conscious like Podarona gift boxes! Plus delivered to your loved ones in Hong Kong for free.


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