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Eco-friendly gift wrap alternatives

How to eco-friendly wrap Christmas presents?

It’s a piece of cake!

There are many ways to pack incredibly beautiful gifts from Santa Claus using only improvised, reused or completely natural and compostable materials.

I have some ideas for you of such means of packaging.

A gift, depending on the size, can be wrapped in:

🎁 Old paper bag,

🎁 Recycled or kraft paper,

🎁 Large children's drawing,

🎁 Newspaper,

🎁 Page from an old book,

🎁 Topographic map,

🎁 Any fabric, including a flap cut from an old striped shirt,

🎁 Scarf, knitted hat with a pompon or sock,

🎁 Handkerchief or lace doily,

🎁 Beautiful tea towel (clean of course)

🎁 Aluminum foil for baking or packaging from potato chips turned inside out (probably no one thought about it, but this is also an option, very shiny one!),

🎁 Beautiful string bag or canvas bag,

🎁 Pillowcase,...

You can use basically anything, including of course:

☝ The existing paper bag from the store, in principle, can already be left as is, or just tied with a bow.

☝ The wrapping paper preserved from previous holidays (we all did this, and it’s perfect) is also more environmentally friendly to use than buying a new one.

All the gifts wrapped in the ways listed above can be tied or pinned with:

🎁 Ropes,

🎁 Twine,

🎁 Laces,

🎁 Leather cord,

🎁 Strips of fabric or ribbons,

🎁 Metal wire,

🎁 Clothespins,

🎁 Multicolored wool yarn, ...

To ADD a decorative touch try:

🎁 Dry or fresh flowers,

🎁 Christmas tree branches, cones

🎁 Retro brooches, beads,

🎁 Paper snowflakes,

🎁 Handmade pompons and bows,

🎁 Handmade postcards and drawings,

🎁 Origami,

🎁 Stamps and seals

🎁 Drawing a bow directly on the wrapping paper(why not?).

So, using improvised materials, you can make excellent wrapping, without unnecessary waste and costs, and even at the last moment. Not packaging gifts at all can be a very zero-waste option, but opening gifts is a huge part of the fun of Christmas, right?

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